The SUKAD Way™ Products

The SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects is the brand name for our research and development strategic pillar and an approach that we in SUKAD developed for managing projects that take into consideration the strategic value of project management.

SUKAD developed these leading (best) practices approaches in response to the growing need for practical and effective project management. We also wanted to fill some of the gaps in the practical application of the foundation knowledge presented by global associations.

In the context of the SUKAD Way™, the term refers to a product of the research and development program. Each of these products has a dedicated tab in this section of the website. These are:

CAMMP™, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ The 7Es™: The Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™
Publications: all of our publications that relate to the SUKAD Way™ Licensing & Franchising: this is specific to licensing other organizations our products or franchising our services