Business Objective Success

The fourth and last dimension is the business (project) objective success.This dimension is to assess if the project outcome resulted in delivering the expected benefits that the organization outlined at the idea statement or when they approved the concept.

In other words, this dimension has a direct link to the concept of benefits realizations. Some, may argue that this is the same dimension as the project success. On some projects, this may be the case but not always.


This dimension is concerned with the expected benefits and the justification behind the project. The third dimension, by contrast, is in relation to the PAD. There is a possibility that the PAD was wrong and the sponsor did not develop the PAD properly to reflect the essence of the project. Therefore, the project team could deliver a good project according to the PAD but from the organization’s perspective, they delivered the wrong project.

If we refer back to the examples from the third dimension:

Finally, due to the nature of this dimension, it is unlikely that we can measure it at project closure. We would only be able to measure after a long time, which could be as late as the end of the product life cycle.