Project (Delivery) Success

This third dimension is the most difficult to explain.
The purpose is to assess if the team did deliver the project successfully in accordance with the various plans. These are specifically:

The first two bullets above refer to the first two dimensions, which are required input to this third dimension. Failing to deliver the project product per the project detailed plan or per the project management plan – is a project failure. Yes, if one of the dimensions was not met then we consider we consider project was not a success. For certain projects, this third dimension might not be necessary. In those scenarios, we fall back on the first and second dimensions. However, for most projects there might be other factors for the organization to consider. Now assuming the first two dimensions are in line with the criteria, the third bullet above refers to other factors. What are these other factors? These factors would be project or organization specific.

When can we assess if we have project success?

It is possible that we can assess this dimension at project close, but it is not likely. For some projects, we might have to wait months or even years to be certain about this dimension[1]. We measure it in comparison to the project authorization document.


[1] This is the reason for the question mark in the graphic on the bottom right