Overview of the SUKAD Project Management Maturity Model

The SUKAD Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ (7Es™), as the name indicates, consist of seven elements with each contributing to building an organizational project management system, which would enable an organization enhance projects’ performance and reach toward higher level of project management maturity or even a center of excellence status.

The current model is version 2 and is slightly different than the first version but the change is mostly in moving elements around rather than a substantial change in the key aspects of the model.

We group the elements into three categories:

  1. Strategic Element
  2. Fundamental Elements
  3. Differentiating Elements

Strategic Element

  1. Strategic and Organizational Aspects

Fundamental Elements

  1. Method (Project Management Methodology)
  2. (Project Management) Processes & Functions
  3. (Project Management) Tools & Technology
  4. Professional Development

Differentiating Elements

  1. Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
  2. Leadership and Competence Framework