CAM2P™ Model Related Products

The CAM2P™ Model (The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™) is a product of our research and development effort and a leading project in our innovation pipeline. This model is part of a strategic program that includes many projects, some of them we already completed in the past, others are in progress, and a few more are yet to come.

The following is a list of the categories for products that SUKAD has developed, which are derivative of the CAM2P™ methodology.


SUKAD is developing cloud-based applications for CAM2P™, available in 2014. SUKAD CAM2P LogoIn the meantime, SUKAD has developed a basic application with accompanying templates, in editable format.

This application, CAM2P™ Basic Application, is available on this site; for sale. Please visit our Technology section for more information!

SUKAD offers complimentary access to this application for clients of our learning and consultancy solutions.

Books & eBooks

SUKAD is publishing a series of books, eBooks, and booklets that explain CAM2P™ or use the methodology on a sample, real or realistic project.

The print books are available for sale through SUKAD but all eBooks are available on a complimentary basis from our Project Management Knowledge Portal.

Tools, Templates, and Images

SUKAD has developed basic tools and templates that are ideal for small/simple projects. These are available on Project Management Knowledge Portal in PDF (or image) format for registered users. The same templates are available in editable format (original file - MS Project, MS Word ...) for Paid Members.

Learning & Consultancy Solutions

In addition to the above, SUKAD offer learning programs and have developed an organizational solutions that build on our CAM2P™ model and also related to our organizational maturity model.