Benefits of the SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects

First, we must stress an important point … our intentions for developing the SUKAD way is to maximize the benefits to our community and clients and not to replace any standard or the work of professional associations.

From our expertise, we realize that there are global standards from different associations, like PMI®, IPMA, and others. We also realize that like any standard, these standards have a focus on one aspect of project management or another. Due to their focus, or emphasis, it is our professional views that these standards are not enough for managing projects effectively … on their own.

With the above in mind, the SUKAD approach is to blend the best that these associations has to offer, with our own unique approach and expertise to provide YOU the customer leading practices that would enable you to significantly enhance organizational performance, in managing projects, programs, and strategic initiatives.

Our approach take into consideration that one of the gaps we observe in the practice of project management is the application of the concepts in the “real world” and how do we translate the highly valuable knowledge from the various global sources into applied approach. In this regard, what we did is to extract the key learning and simplify them as we build our models; this is true in the case of the CAM2P™ Model and The Maturity Model (7Es™).

In summary, the benefits are to have simplified and practical models that even small and medium organizations can adopt with limited investment in comparison to investing into models by global project management associations that, in our opinion, are more suitable for large organizations or organizations with higher level of project management maturity. We re-emphasize in closure – that our objectives is to supplement and simplify and not to replace.